All eight of the remaining teams hope to win that illustrious prize. FIFA+ examines the reasons each of them is fully entitled to do so.

Brazil is the clear favorite, according to bookmakers. Additionally, they will advise Croatia and Morocco to accept their lot and go right away.

But as we’ve already established, the FIFA World Cup is a competition that has a track record of beating the odds. Only one of the last 12 pre-tournament favorites has won the trophy, and each of the quarterfinalists is only three games away from winning the sport’s top honor.

If they didn’t have what it took to succeed, none of these teams would have proceeded to this point. What, though, about their Qatar 2022 efforts is adding to the belief that this might be their year? The eight teams and their performance.


However, Argentina has high expectations for Messi. The range of unexpected heroes who have emerged alongside their talisman is perhaps even more heartening and surprising for Albiceleste supporters. Players like Alexis Mac Allister, Enzo Fernandez, and Julian Alvarez rose to the occasion. When the team was in real danger after their opening-match loss to Saudi Arabia.


Some claim that Brazil hasn’t dazzled at the World Cup as they did in that first half against the Korean Republic since 1982. Four excellent goals, possibly each better than the previous, spoke for an attacking unit that is resonating in truly spectacular fashion.


This team may appear to be a carbon replica of the one that reached the 2018 final. With Luka Modric still in charge and Ivan Perisic occasionally popping up with crucial goals. And that wouldn’t be a bad thing if that were the case.


Even though England came in third place that year, they heavily relied on goals from two different sources. One of them was Harry Kane, who won the Adidas Golden Boot for the competition.