During the Fifa World Cup opening ceremony on Sunday in Qatar, Qatar’s Bedouin heritage was on show. The World Cup was officially kicked off by the nation’s Emir, who kissed his father’s hand and welcomed everyone to the inaugural Middle Eastern World Cup.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani remarked, “From Qatar, from the Arab world, I invite everyone to the World Cup 2022.” What a beautiful thing it is that people can set aside their differences and enjoy what unites them. Then pyrotechnics started to fly off the Al Bayt stadium’s roof.

However, the recital of lines from the Holy Quran by the 20-year-old Quran reciter and Fifa World Cup ambassador Ghanim Al Muftah captivated the world and the audience.

“Oh mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another,” Ghanim said. The opening of a Fifa World Cup with Quranic verses is likely a first.

Ghanim, was born with a rare disorder that prevents the lower spine from developing normally. Later, co-starred with Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman. The American performer sat next to the Qatari qari on the field.

We all assemble here in one giant tribe, Freeman said. As he narrated the opening portion of the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony, “The Calling.”

“I heard a lovely sound. Including this call to celebrate in addition to the music, “the actor started.

Later, Freeman addressed the gathering and said, “Football and the love of the “beautiful game” unified the world. Communities are united by the same things that unite nations.”