When they repeated their post-match cleaning ritual following Japan’s 2-1 victory over Germany. Japanese football supporters captured hearts on social media for the second time in an amazing display of class and grace.

After the match on Wednesday, island nation spectators are seen in a popular Fifa video clearing up rubbish and cleaning their seats.

On the day of the host nation’s inaugural match against Ecuador, Qatari video creator Omar Al Farooq. First posted the clip, in which he is seen being in awe of the East Asian nation’s fans’ decorum and humility.

It’s not even a match for them! Farooq yelled

One of them said, “[The] Japanese never leave waste behind,”. When the person who made the video asked them why they were cleaning up.

We respect the location, she continued.

Another supporter wearing a Qatar jersey remarked, “We are not doing it for the cameras.”

There were several Japanese spectators that offered to help clean the stadium’s 68,000+ seat sitting area, not just one or two.

Additionally, they gathered flags that other spectators had dropped to the ground. Either placed them on the stadium’s chairs or took them with them.

In response to a few of the volunteers’ kind deeds, Farooq was spotted hugging them. The movie had an impact on a lot of people, notably international industrialist Anand Mahindra.

“I’m delighted the cameras still caught them even though they claimed they weren’t acting in this way for the cameras. They should be seen by the entire world for the principles they are exhibiting “He tweeted something.

For the first time ever, an international football competition will take hold in the Middle East. In order to avoid the summer heat in Qatar, the World Cup is being held for the first time outside of its typical June–July window.