The Fifa excitement is obvious as the Fifa World Cup in Qatar approaches. The city is prepared for a season that promises dollops of “fan”-tastic football rush. Thankfully, locals choose to watch the game in Dubai or Doha.

Beginning on November 20, those who are fortunate enough to have enough time to travel to the actual games in Qatar can board one of 120 matchday shuttle flights from Dubai World Central (DWC). Wheelchairs and strollers are the only items that passengers who have reserved a seat may check-in. On the flights, which are operated by both Fly Dubai and Qatar Airways, only carry-on luggage is allowed.

The shuttle flights are expected to more than triple the number of passengers using DWC during the Cup. With 494,000 expected passengers to transit through the airport in the fourth quarter of 2022. Throughout the competition, the airport will run more than 60 check-in desks. 21 boarding gates, 60 passport control desks for both arrivals and departures, 10 smart gates, and 4 arrival baggage belts.

Every 30 minutes, express bus services and metro feeder link services. The DWC1, F55, and N55—will run between DWC and the Ibn Battuta and Expo City metro stations. Passengers can also drive to DWC and leave their car in the airport’s parking lot for no charge. Live performances and dedicated fanzines, only 6 cities worldwide have the official Fifa Fan Festival, and Dubai is one of them.

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) recently announced that owners of the “Hayya” card—a personalized document necessary for individuals to attend any World Cup matches—in the United Arab Emirates can obtain 90-day multiple-entry tourist visas for just Dh100.


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