As of December 2, when the group stage concludes, Qatar will permit entry for visitors from other countries without tickets.

Entry will be permitted, according to Qatar’s interior ministry, provided that the visitor:

  • Has a Hayya card 
  • Has made a hotel reservation
  • Has paid a QAR 500 fee (around Dh505)

During the month-long tournament, 1.2 million foreign visitors are anticipated, and ticket sales for the 64 games are expected to reach 3 million.

When all 32 teams are competing in the group stage, which begins on November 20, there will be the greatest demand for Qatar’s limited supply of lodging, which includes hotels, apartments, chartered cruise ships, and campsites.

According to the AP, fans are being urged to stay in nearby nations and fly to Doha for games.

Only 16 nations will advance to the knockout rounds, which begin on December 3, so the pressure should lessen. On December 18, which is Qatar’s national day, the final will take place.

Since Switzerland in 1954, Qatar is the smallest World Cup host country in terms of population. The metro trains and buses can take you to any of the eight stadiums constructed in and around the city of Doha.