Football games cause fans to sing song and dance in the stands, on the streets, on buses, and on subway trains, evoking emotions that cannot be matched by other sports.

After winning a tough battle on the field, football is a game that causes players to celebrate by jumping up and down and singing in the locker rooms.

Following their victory over Mexico in the pivotal World Cup match. Argentina players—including Lionel Messi—were seen dancing around and singing in the locker room. The footage has since gone viral.

It felt as though Argentina’s players lacked the stamina to fight back as they were being pushed on the ball. By their courageous opponents during the first half of the game against Mexico.

And in the stadium’s stands, their supporters were nearly drowned out by their Mexican counterparts. Who was chanting and drumming the loudest?

However, as Argentina began to score goals, establish a rhythm on the field. And getting the support of the crowd in the second half, things started to change.

The Argentina national song began to echo around the massive stadium. As soon as Messi scored the opening goal with a beautiful finish from outside the box.

Now their admirers sang, “Ole, ole, ole, Ole, ole, ola,” beating the drums and hitting the high notes.

Luciano, an Argentine supporter who traveled all the way from the Argentine state of Santa Fe to Qatar, grinned widely when this reporter inquired about the team anthem.

Oh, this is the prettiest fan song ever. I can’t stop supporting my team and giving them my all, which means that Argentina is a feeling I can’t get rid of. He stated following the team’s triumph over Mexico on Saturday night, “It’s a sensation that never stops.