A Qatari family set up a majlis outside their home where they hosted scores of Argentinian fans during the Group of 16 match between Japan and Croatia.

The tent is akin to an Iftar tent which are put up during the holy month of Ramadan.

A huge screen was set up inside the tent for the guests to catch the action from the stadium. The majlis had a buffet table, packed with Arabic treats like mezzeh, sandwiches, sweets, and Arabic coffee.

In a video shared by Reuters, fans wearing Argentinian colours can be seen sitting on carpets while enjoying Arabic snacks and coffee.

The hastag ‘Invite them to your majlis’ has gained much traction on Twitter since then.

“This is an individual initiative done by my father. He organised this tent to host World Cup fans and visitors,” the host can be heard saying in the video clip that was shared by Reuters.

“As his Highness (Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani) said, this is the Arab Cup. It reflects on our culture, heritage and our traditions. Our job is to share with visitors our culutre,” says Abdullah Al Binali in the video.

“Travelling is not just knowing a place it about its culture. Knowing it is people and its food. We came for football but we are taking much more,” says Argentinian fan Pablo Marcos.

“Well, it actually brings us the opportunity to know the culture of the country that hosts the World Cup this year. It is a great chance for us as Argentinians to know another culture so different from us,” says Constanza Reche, another football fan says.