A new chapter in the history of the Panenka, which began 22 years before he was born, was added. When Morocco’s full-back Achraf Hakimi calmly converted his penalty kick against Spain.

There is undoubtedly a narrow line to walk regarding amazing ideas because many people have been accused of being insane. After Antonin Panenka of Czechoslovakia scored the game-winning penalty in the UEFA EURO 1976 final. In such a novel manner, the legend Pele referred to him as “either a genius or a maniac.”

Hakimi is the most recent genius at the World Cup to follow in Panenka’s footsteps by not quitting. When the going got tough and maintaining composure. And fooling the goalkeeper into thinking he was going to take a thunderous shot. Before scooping the ball up over his head and letting it gently land in the net.

Ironically, Panenka converted two penalties against Kuwait and France at the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain without using his own technique.

His compatriot Michal Bilek made the first decision to continue Panenka’s legacy from the EURO to the World Cup, doing so in Czechoslovakia’s opening game at the FIFA World Cup Italy 1990. The 25-year-old midfielder had the chance to duplicate Panenka’s accomplishment. When they were four goals up against the USA, but he was unable to fool American goalkeeper Tony Meola, who coolly kept his ground and blocked the ball. The 20th century’s first and only Panenka World Cup attempt was that one.

Roberto Baggio’s heartbreak in 1994 final, Diego Maradona’s miss against West Germany the following day, Stuart Pearce’s performance in Napoli in 1990, etc. There have been numerous notable penalties in FIFA World Cup history. But none more so than the one Zinedine Zidane narrowly missed in 2006 final.