According to Brazilian legend Ronaldo Nazário, Neymar needs to put aside the “envy and animosity” of those who have cheered his World Cup ankle injury and concentrate on recovering stronger.

Even among Seleço supporters, reactions to Neymar’s exclusion from Brazil’s match against Switzerland. Likely the following match against Cameroon has been varied.

Some have turned against Neymar because of his support for Jair Bolsonaro, the 30-year-old PSG striker who lost the presidential race in Brazil to Lula last month.

Despite the fact that Neymar seems to be Brazil’s most likely motivator in Qatar 2022 when the team is vying for a sixth World Cup victory, this is the case.

With his eight goals at the 2002 finals, including two in the final against Germany. Ronaldo was the highlight of the team that won the sixth of five trophy victories.

In a Sunday open letter on Instagram, he referred to Neymar as “amazing.”
Ronaldo continued:

“I’m certain that the majority of Brazilians, like me, adore and respect you. By the way, your talent has propelled you to such heights that you are loved and admired everywhere in the globe. Additionally, you have to deal with a lot of envy and animosity. Because of where you have come from and the success you have attained.

“Never forget the road that helped you become a football hero around the world. Brazilians adore you! Your goals, dribbles, boldness, and excitement are needed by the true supporters, the ones who are on your side! Celebrate the love that is sourced from the majority of your nation. You’ll recover quickly! May all the hatred serve as fuel “Finally, he said.

Thursday’s 2-0 victory for Brazil over Serbia ended when Neymar hobbled off the field with a right ankle lateral ligament injury, according to medical personnel.