Argentina fans were already considering a potential matchup with Brazil in the semifinals after their 2-1 Round of 16 victory over Australia at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. This classic rivalry has been waiting to be renewed on the biggest stage for 32 years by both sides.

Since their last World Cup match in 1990, the rivalry between these two South American heavyweights has only intensified, with numerous regional encounters. The match between Brazil and Argentina could end up being the biggest in World Cup history and in all of football. Brazil and Argentina have faced off against one another four times in World Cup history.

With two victories for Brazil, one for Argentina, and a draw, the record is fairly even. Brazil defeated Argentina in the first meeting but came in second in the group, which was taken by the Netherlands. Brazil had excellent possession and scoring opportunities in the Round of 16, but Diego Maradona disrupted the flow with a brilliant solo play just prior to Claudio Caniggia’s goal.

The Copa America final in 2021 adds another layer to the animosity between Brazil and Argentina despite their World Cup-related pasts. Messi and Neymar mentioned a few times before the competition in Qatar that this might be their final World Cup. The Paris Saint-Germain duo stands for each nation’s greatest hope in its pursuit of an unheard-of championship.

Even before the tournament even gets underway, a fight between the two friends would leave a legacy befitting of the 1982 confrontation between Zico and Maradona. Even though they did not win the World Cup, the 1982 Brazil team is still regarded as one of the best to ever compete in the tournament.