You will have some strange stories from this World Cup.

Have you heard that a player was going to commit a penalty, and his shorts fell down?
A president asked to be allowed to participate in the championship game.
Ronaldo, Cannavaro, Thuram, and Gascoigne all garnered attention during the semifinals.

Italy defeated Brazil 2-1 to advance to the championship game, with Giuseppe Meazza scoring the game-winning penalty kick. ‘Il Balilla’ (The Little Boy) had to maintain more than just his nerve.

The elastic on Meazza’s shorts, which had been torn earlier in the game, snapped as he prepared to take the penalty. The Inter Milan player duly supported them with one hand as he slid the ball past Walter, a penalty-saving expert.

Garrincha ought to have been Santiago’s worst citizen. Brazil defeated the hosts 4-2, and the uncontrollable winger had tormented opponents the entire time with his hypnotizing, comic-book tactics. He had scored twice, set up another goal, and been dismissed. The Chileans returned home, however, adoring it rather than hating it.

A public uproar broke out when it was revealed that his red card would result in a suspension for the championship. Jorge Alessandri, the president of Chile, spearheaded a campaign to allow Garrincha to participate in the championship as a result. In the end, it was successful—a decision Czechoslovakia would later come to regret.

Stories from Spain

Patrick Battiston was violently collided with by Toni Schumacher as he sprinted from his goal. The West Germany No. 1 was not penalized even though the France No. 3, who had just been on the field for a few minutes, shattered two teeth, split three ribs, and damaged a spine.