Vinicius Junior

Vinicius Junior adores watching Dancing with the Stars on TV and participating in it on Qatari grounds. In fact, the dynamic winger can be seen dancing in celebration alongside Lucas Paqueta, Neymar, Raphinha, Richarlison, and others every time Brazil scores at this FIFA World Cup.

The Seleço scored four goals in the opening period of a rout of the Korean Republic. With their No. 20 (age 22) expertly scoring one goal and mercurially setting up another. You already know what transpired.

Vinicius Junior talks to FIFA about his dancing, how it feels to be a part of Brazil’s fantastic offense, and how to stop Luka Modric ahead of a quarterfinal matchup against Croatia.

It will be a really challenging match. In the previous World Cup, they placed second. We’re getting ready to play a fantastic game. Like we did against Korea, we’ll play hard and aim to score as much as can. Scoring is always crucial to us.

At Real Madrid, you compete against Modric. What would stop him?
The player Modric is excellent. He has taught me a lot, both on and off the field. I’m overjoyed to know him and have daily contact with him. He is not just a fantastic footballer, but also a fantastic person. He takes care of Rodrygo and Militao in addition to me. He consistently attempts to help new players like us. I enjoy competing with the best players, so playing against him would be fun. It will be a very special experience to compete against Modric. I’ll let Casemiro handle neutralizing him because he can do it better than I can!