Millions of Argentina fans rejoiced when their beloved Messi scored a goal against Mexico in Saturday’s Fifa World Cup match.

One of them was a young boy. Sebastian Filoramo, a 12-year-old blind Argentina fan from Venezuela, recently made headlines for customising collectible World Cup stickers with Braille. He went viral once more after posting a touching video to his Instagram account.

The video shows Sebastian and his father watching Argentina vs. Messi in the Fifa World Cup. The father’s hands are positioned over his son’s, moving on a board that represents the field where the match was being played.

As Argentina legend Messi makes a move on the field, Sebastian’s father mirrors his movements on the miniature board between them, allowing his son to feel the match even if he can’t see it.

The video has gone viral, with viewers moved by the father’s display of love and support, as well as the pure joy on the little Argentina fan’s face as his hero scores a goal.