Following their team’s dramatic victory against Germany in the Qatar World Cup on Wednesday night. The Japanese fans left the Khalifa International Stadium in a celebratory mood, but one pair was experiencing quite different feelings.

After Japan had just defeated one of the top teams in the world of football. Yurika’s expression was filled with delight and happiness. She nevertheless showed consideration for Oliver, her German husband’s, feelings.

“Well, Germany’s result today was not what I had anticipated. Oliver embraced his wife’s shoulder and told the reporter, “Yeah, you can say that I am extremely disappointed now.

“In general, watching a World Cup game between Germany and Japan was a great experience for us as husband and wife,” he said.

“We wanted to watch this match and finally got the tickets last week. So as a family, to be able to watch this match with our daughter, was great. It’s been very nice in Qatar. Now we are ready to go back.”

After her husband and their UK-born daughter—who was sporting a German shirt—went in search of a food stand. Yurika was unable to contain her happiness any longer.

It feels fantastic. Despite the fact that I am married to a German, I am still Japanese. So it’s clear that you can see how happy I am right now.

Long after the game had ended, Saudi Arabian supporters joined Japanese fans in the stadium as they continued to revel in their team’s historic triumph over Argentina on Tuesday.

As both groups began singing and dancing in their own languages, the Saudis hugged the Japanese spectators.

These football fans celebrated two historic victories for Asian teams over two football heavyweights. In the first-ever Middle East World Cup, and language certainly wasn’t a barrier.