It seemed inevitable that this FIFA World Cup would be unique.

Qatar 2022 put a new spin on this long-running and adored football festival as the first to be staged in the Middle East. The first to be played in November and December. The first of its size to be organized in such a constrained geographic area.

The opportunity to witness many World Cup matches in one day. For example, was a fresh one that came with traversing so much new ground, but the hazards were evident and overwhelming.

This was confirmed earlier this week when Gianni Infantino acknowledged having had reservations prior to the tournament. About having so many fans from so many nations, at the same time, in the same place.”

The FIFA President continued, “In a typical World Cup, you have fans from two countries in one place, not more. The World Cup is being watched in this location by fans from 32 different nations in addition to the rest of the globe.

There were concerns about how Qatar and its infrastructure would handle such a large invasion given the area in question. It has a population of less than 2.9 million and its stadiums are all within a 35-mile radius. Others questioned how the tournament’s timing. In the midst of the majority of players’ domestic seasons—would affect the on-field performance, with less preparation time and expected results.

Those uncertainties were, of course, gradually dispelled by a tidal surge of wonderful football. With faultless planning, and warm, enthusiastic ambiance on the streets and in the stadiums.

The captain of Argentina’s team scored goals that significantly influenced the outcome of the tournament. That had the most number of goals ever scored.