Brazil’s chances of succeeding in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 are no longer exclusively dependent on their brilliant superstar. Nevertheless, if the attacking midfielder is absent from the field, the alleged Neymar dependence might make sense. Confused? Zico, the fabled expert, explains.

“As long as Neymar is on the field, this dependence is no longer noticeable. When he’s not there, it’s different, Zico told FIFA+ in Doha. “When he is on the field, all attention is on him, which creates room for others and increases their chances of succeeding.

“Every player has to find a way to win the game when he isn’t on the field. Thoughts that it is the same thing are false.

Even without Neymar or at his best, Zico thinks the Seleço can win Qatar 2022. The good news is that he is expected to play in the last-16 match against the Korean Republic on Monday after recovering well from the severely injured ankle he suffered in the opening match against Serbia.

Brazil is definitely capable of winning, but playing would be beneficial for him, Zico remarked. He served as the icing on the cake. He was in better physical condition than he had been before the World Cup.

“You see guys like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who have an impact similar to Neymar. They have the ability to instantly determine a game whether they play well or poorly, but they may also scare their opponents and create room for others. Neymar is crucial to the Seleço for this reason.

The Flamengo idol had a similar experience as Neymar at his last World Cup in Mexico in 1986. He was 33 years old, making him three years older than Neymar is right now. He also had a knee issue. There was a heated debate about his roster spot, and he was obviously wearing the No. 10 shirt. The similarities end there, though.